How to Install Zoom

I have been receiving this question quite a bit recently because of the alleged health pandemic, that I will not mention, on a third party website where by I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. How to install Zoom, you ask? The installation of Zoom video conferencing software, is really not that difficult.

Basically, it is a three step process. You can download and then install the Zoom video conferencing software onto your computer. Then you register for a free Zoom account.

You can download the Zoom application from their website. That link should automatically detect your operating system and supply a download link at the top of that web page. You will want to click on the “Download” link button.

If that link does not work and is grayed out so to speak, then your operating system was not exactly properly detected. You can look for a drop down menu above that download link button with your correct operating system. Now you install the Zoom video conferencing software onto your computer.

Then you will want to sign up for a free Zoom account. Once you have the Zoom video conferencing software installed and created a Zoom account, you can begin hosting meetings. Please follow these instructions to host a meeting with Zoom.

Open your Zoom desktop application. You will be required to log into your Zoom account. Click the download arrow.

Select “Start with video”. Now choose “New Meeting”. You have just started a new meeting.

For now you will be required to register a free Zoom account in order to join and or host your own meetings. Zoom, actually supports Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. Also, Zoom video conferencing software can be installed on Apple iPhone and iPad.

Google Android smartphones are also supported. Zoom has created two web browser extensions for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. These browser plugins help facilitate the start or scheduling of meetings from within your web browser.

How to Install Zoom – Video Transcript

it’s just a wrong Kony day Enoch appears
calm or through video poverty we how to
install Zulu basically it’s a three-step
process number one you want to download
and install the software zoom supports
Micro crap micro Micro slop wind
blows operating system Windows 7 Windows
10 also Apple Macintosh and even Linux
then you’re going to want to register
for a free account if you want to become
a host if you want to host meetings you
must have at the very least a free basic
account they have a pro version of
enterprise but I’m not going to digress
about that then the third step is to
then if you’re gonna be a host if you’re
gonna host meetings you’re gonna have to
know how to host meetings right so let’s
cut to the chase you can click on the
link in the description box below that
it’ll take you to my website in a
computer’s comm or you can read in the
abstract full instructions on how to
install zoom so first you want to click
on this link that I included it’s a
direct link to zooms website download
the zoom application it should
automatically detect your operating
system if it does not like on my
computer I’m using a debian derivation
Linux distribution called MX Linux if
for whatever reason on your computer the
exact operating system is not detected
then you would click on this drop down
list and then choose the app or posts
operating system but it should detect
your operating system I would say on
Windows and Mac more or likely you know
that it should correctly detect your
operating system but there is a
drop-down just in case then download it
to your computer on Microsoft Windows it
will be an executable dot exe or might
you know might be set up dot exe install
a tech co whatever it’s gonna be an
executable double-click it
follow the prompts install zoom client
desktop software on Macintosh most
likely it will be a dmg file download it
double-click it or right-click open it
follow the prompts install zoom on your
Macintosh computer that’s the first step
now once again
caveat emptor if you’re just gonna be an
attendee you’re not wanting to host
meeting somebody emails you a link to a
zoom meeting or however they communicate
over chat over you know snail mail over
you know what SOS or you know whatever
however you get the link then you do not
need to register with a free account if
you’re going to host meetings and invite
other attendees then you must have at
the very least a free account this is
the second link I included in my blog
post up in my website
Enoch appears calm free zoom account
this will take you directly to the
signup page now this could change in the
future for now it wants you to verify I
think this is for robots I could be
wrong but this is easily circumvented
you can basically select whatever you
want though I don’t know if there’s a
late age limit maybe there is an age
limit to I just don’t know but quickly
as an example we’re just gonna choose
you know January and then we’ll pick the
fifth and then I’m very young now and I
must it must be the veganism I’m saying
all right then click continue this data
will not be stored well I don’t know
that and we know anyways now it’s going
to act now as a real-world computer
technician that works everyday I don’t
work eight hours everyday but I work a
few hours a day as a real-world computer
technician dealing with real-world
computer problems one problem is
email accounts and access so here’s my
tip choose an email address that you
know that you have access to they you
you may want to choose an email address
that you’ve used for many years decades
or whatever then you have access to that
you get email on a regular basis that
again that you have access to your gonna
most likely be sent an email to activate
your free zoom account I don’t know I
don’t have a free zoom account I don’t
plan on to save my internet footprint I
don’t want that many accounts anymore
I just do not know but I’m not suing and
then also that will be your login email
address that you use to log into your
free zoom account so that you can host
meetings then you would just click on
signup there’s there’s also reCAPTCHA is
that Google reCAPTCHA it looks like you
might have to follow the Google
reCAPTCHA or whatever now that that is
my I don’t give out orders I’m basically
on arcus but that is a tip of mind when
it comes to a lot of websites I know you
can sign in with third parties which
I’ll get to but that is my tip is as a
real world computer technician I’ve
noticed less problem no no they’re not
perfect you could always get the h-word
somebody could circumvent your account
lock you out you could forget your email
address the login you could forget your
password but fundamentally a lot of
times when you use third parties to sign
into websites that that’s another
problem another layer that could cause
another problem but that is another
option another option is you could sign
in with SSO you could sign in with a
Google account including Gmail and you
can also sign in with Facebook that’s it
so once you sign up for free for zoom
and you activate it or you respond to
the email and then you’re able to log in
correctly now you can host so you’ve
downloaded the software you got the free
account so that you can host meetings if
that is what your you know reason for
zooom the third and final step is then
to host meetings this is where you can
click on the link in the description box
below down in the youtube video
description box that will take you to my
blog post at my website in a computer’s
comm where i included full instructions
on how to host a meeting for the desktop
the desktop software i will there might
be a little bit over time but i dont
want to digress
the instructions for using the
application on iOS or android might be
different you know and even operating
system the graphical user interfaces
might be different on linux mac and wind
blows excuse me Windows Microsoft
Windows but the instructions are written
in one way they don’t mention the
differences in operating system so I’m
assuming the graphical user interface is
similar or the same you know I’m saying
okay so what you do to host a meeting is
obviously you’re going to open up the
zoom and I don’t really need to screen
capture the website anymore obviously
you’re gonna want to open up the zoom
software on the desk either on Microsoft
Windows operating system Apple Macintosh
or Linux then once you open it up you’re
you you’re required to sign in you have
to sign in order to host meetings at the
very least with a free account I don’t
know of any way around that so you know
I’m saying then what you’re going to do
is then click there’s a down arrow click
on the download arrow there’s a download
arrow click on it and then choose start
with video now choose new meeting so
you’re gonna create a new meeting that
that’s it that’s how you create a new
meeting that’s it so look for the down
load arrow click on it then choose start
with video if you’re if you’re you know
wanting to I’m assuming you’re wanting
to create a video meeting and then
choose new meeting and that’s it and now
you just started a new meeting I don’t
know I don’t I haven’t installed
software I may make an additional Linux
video showing you how to install zoom on
Linux I don’t know yet there could be
other options I think I know on the home
page that there’s that’s another place
you can go to the home page and click on
new meeting and then it’ll print if you
don’t have the software installed it’ll
prompt you to install software if it’s
installing your computer I think it’ll
it’ll open it up from the their website
on their home page I think you can
choose a video only meeting an audio
only meeting and I think the third
option but anyways now how about a
little bit over time let me I try to I’m
at the nine and a half minute mark I try
to keep my videos down in fifteen
minutes but I have a big mouth
and I can talk all day and a lot of
times I over you know extend myself but
so so far I’m under control you know
alright over time
zooom also supports the Google Android
operating system so most Android you’ll
be able to install the zoom application
from the Google Play Store Apple iOS is
supported I’m assuming I don’t know for
a fact but most likely possibly probably
you’ll be able to install zoom client
software on an iPhone and iPad then you
would need a user of free at the very
least a free user account so that you
can host meetings if you just want to
participate you can skip the second two
steps all you need is the software
either on Microsoft Windows Apple
Macintosh or Linux Google Android Apple
iPhone Apple iPad and then you can join
meetings and you and then you can
participate to host you must have at
least a free account and then you must
then you know learn how to host so that
those are the three steps and I included
a little bit of over time about they
support dumb devices I mean smart phones
then in closing there’s they also have I
don’t know why they made them but they
have two extensions browser extensions
for Google Chrome and also Mozilla
Firefox basically alls it does is help
facilitate starting meetings and
scheduling yeah you can either start a
new meeting you what you would be in
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and
then you would click on the extension or
there might be a button at the top I
don’t know I haven’t installed it yet
but you could either start a new zoom
meeting or schedule a meeting from
within your web browser I don’t know why
they have that I’m not a big fan of
extensions but that’s also accessible
you know you can download the extensions
anything further about zoom maybe let’s
see I’m at the 12 minute mark
anything on top of my head I can think
of that I didn’t include they had some
other like programs that you can control
zoom fron or website I didn’t even do
you even read up on upon that I didn’t
go into that I just wanted to make this
video too because because of the current
alleged health crisis which I’m very
skeptical about which I’m not going to
discuss oh if I did and I criticized
that probably get censored off a
you know YouTube
anyways I see this quite frequently now
that people are either working from home
or they’re excused from their
brainwashing in the public schools I
mean they’re not in school and so they
got a lot of spare time and I yeah zoom
pun intended that’s an app riposte word
zooms business I think is zooming right
now because I see it on this three-part
website where I answer real world
computer support questions you know what
I’m saying
computer and Technology questions and I
see this quite prevalent people you know
how do I install zoom well you know blah
blah how do i schedule meeting you know
blah blah blah what’s the differences
between the free and the new account
level kick how do i you know schedule a
meeting in advance a bubble I’ll give
you a few bonus added pieces of
information that I know but real quickly
because I don’t want to make this video
much beyond 15 minutes let’s see on
their website they’ve got a web page
describing the differences between the
free and the premium and the enterprise
the free account is restricted 40
minutes and now I think it’s unlimited
meetings but each meeting can only last
40 minutes you can only I think invite a
hundred attendees and that’s only for
one hosting account you can’t with the
same zoom account you can’t have
multiple hosts what are the restrictions
you can’t schedule in advance I don’t
think with the free account you know I’m
and then on
website you go to zoom dot us and you
can actually start meetings from there
you can as a host what else do I know
some additional overtime information
that may be productive I think that’s
basically about it that should be enough
do you for you to get started you know
it’s really easy you know just three
steps man the that link I gave you is
very valuable because one of the first
questions on the survey website that I
actually dealt with zoom was well one
was you know how do I log in I’m locked
out another one which I think that’ll be
a future video another one the second
one or whatever another one was at the
very beginning was how do I install zoom
they went through and they couldn’t find
the link or didn’t work
I found the link that will automatically
detect your operating system and then it
will so that will be my gold tip if you
have any problems downloading installing
it should automatically detect your
operating system the link I gave you
that’s in my blog post link down below
in the description box if not there’s a
drop down menu you know and there will
be a download button the button will not
work it will kind of be grayed out so to
speak if it did not automatically detect
your operating system on Windows and
Macintosh and Linux there could be a
drop down I know on Linux throw us a
drop down menu try to pick the exact
operating system because it can make a
big difference you know I’m saying there
for whatever reason it doesn’t
automatically detect your operating
system then there could be a drop-down
menu and then try it to choose your
exact operating system and then boom
download it boom run the installer boom
if you want to become a host create the
free account you know I’m saying and
then learn how to host not that
difficult quite easy and then if you’re
just wanting to attend meetings that’s
all you want to do you don’t want to
become a host you can skip the last two
steps just download software install it
open it up just click click click click
learn the
you know and then or click on the
invitation and bam you should be rolling
on Zoom and I think their
business is zooming right about now I
don’t see as many yeah Skype yeah I
don’t wanted to digress about
yeah I hate Skype I’ll be honest I’ve
never actually you will have it I think
I might have used soom once on Linux
did I I think I may actually have but
not as a host it wasn’t that but yeah on
this website I would say how many how
many problems do I see come soon versus
Skype I would say it’s like 50/50 right
now I don’t know what the market share
is adios

Epson 4500 Printer – Not Connected to Macintosh Fix

Another computer printer problem in the world order. This time an individual was no longer able to use their Epson 4500 Printer. The original initial question is quoted verbatim below.

All of a sudden my Epson 4500 printer/scanner says it’s not connected to my Macintosh (operating system Mojave 10.14.3). It has just happened on a frantic work day. What to do?

It is definitely connected.

This is a common problem that occurs on both Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows based computers. This individual could no longer scan using the automatic document feeder. Also, this type of false positive, so to speak, problem is NOT mutually exclusive to just Epson brand printers.

This type of problem can occur with any brand of printer. When they tried to scan they also received that dreaded not connected error. This individual tried to power off both their Apple Macintosh computer and Epson 4500 printer as well as disconnecting their printer from their Apple Macintosh computer.

You want to power off your printer. Then you want to disconnect the power cable from your wall outlet. Now disconnect the Universal Serial Bus printer cable from both your printer and computer.

Press and hold the power button on your printer for 30-60 seconds. Leave your printer disconnected from the power source for 5 to 10 minutes. Reconnect the Universal Serial Bus cable and power cable.

Power on your printer and see if it will now print and or scan. If this does not fix your problem with your printer problem, then you will need to download and reinstall the printer software and driver.

Remove all instances of your printer software from “Applications”. Remove all instances of your printer from “Printers & Scanners”. Download and install the printer software from the link below.

These instructions were written for an Apple Macintosh computer with Apple Macintosh operating system Mojave 10.14.3 installed and Epson ET 4500 printer. You can most certainly use these instructions as a basis point to possibly solve the same printer problem with the same error on other Apple Macintosh operating systems. You would just need to download the appropriate driver for your specific Apple Macintosh operating system.

Also, you can use these instructions as a basis point for troubleshooting printer not connected errors on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Once again, you would just need to download the specific driver and software appropriate for the version of Microsoft operating system installed on your computer.

Dell Latitude E5530 Factory Restore

Another computer question from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with factory restoring a Dell computer. The question is quoted verbatim below.

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E5530. I want to sell it so want to remove any possible way it links to me. How do I factory reset it or what do you recommend I do.

This individual was using a Dell Latitude E5530 with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You can wipe all your data and reinstall Windows 10 with “Reset this PC”. You can perform a “Reset this PC”.

You will have two options. One will allow you to keep all your personal data, but your applications will get removed. The second option will remove all your personal data and applications.

Follow the instructions below if you want to perform a “Reset this PC”. Left click the Windows 10 start menu button. Click on the “Settings” gear icon.

Then choose “Update & Security”. Now choose “Recovery” then select “Reset this PC”. Click on “Get Started” and choose an option.

Also, you can type in reset this PC into a Cortana search box. Cortana search icon is a round circle or globe icon usually in the lower left corner near the Microsoft Windows 10 start menu button. Reset this PC will remove all personal data, applications, and settings.

The same version of Microsoft Windows 10 you had when you purchased your computer will then reinstall. Also, only applications that were installed in Microsoft Windows 10 well reinstall. This is a relatively quick and easy way to wipe everything from your computer.

If you want to start over with Microsoft Windows 10, sell your computer, or give it away, then this allows you to wipe your computer and reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 with essentially one command.

HP Printer Keeps Going Offline – Possible Fix

Another printer problem in the world order. This time an individual was having problems with their printer continually in offline mode. The original initial request is quoted below.

My HP envy 7155 printer quit working. The computer says it is not online. I can’t turn it off or on and the screen shows the number 00829C98.

What is wrong with it?

This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 installed. Power off printer. Disconnect power cable from wall outlet.

Disconnect USB printer cable from both printer and computer. Press and hold power button on printer for 30-60 seconds. Leave printer disconnected from power for 5-10 minutes.

Reconnect USB cable and power cable. Power on printer and see if it will now print.

The above instructions fixed this problem. However, printer offline errors are common and NOT always a hardware problem. If the above instructions did NOT resolve your issue, then you need to remove and reinstall the printer software.

If you are using a Macintosh computer, remove all instances of your printer software from “Applications”. Also, you can use finder to remove your printer software from “Applications”. Click on “Go” at the top menu bar.

You should see “Applications” in a list. Remove all instances of your printer from “Printers & Scanners”. In order to get to “Printers & Scanners” click on the “System Properties” gear icon down below in your dock. Highlight your printer and then click the minus sign (-) to remove that printer. Download and install the printer software from the link below.

Please do NOT connect your printer to your Macintosh until instructed to do so. You can use “Finder” to find your downloads. Finder is located in your dock down below.

Look for your “Downloads” folder. Once you open up Finder you will see your Macintosh username on the left hand side. Click on your username to expand the contents.

You should see a “Downloads” folder. This official Apple support link has more details and pictures about finder that may help you use it. If you are using Microsoft Windows 7, then follow these instructions.

Remove the printer software from “Programs & Features”. Then remove the printer from “Devices & Printers”. Now type the following command into a run box:

printui /s /t2

Select your printer and click on “Remove…”. Select “Remove driver and driver package.” Click “OK” then click on “Yes”.

Click on “Delete”. Download and reinstall the printer software. If you are using Microsoft Windows 10, then follow these instructions.

Remove the printer software from “Apps & Features”. Then remove the printer from “Printers & scanners”. Now type the following command into a run box:

printui /s /t2

Select your printer and click on “Remove…”. Select “Remove driver and driver package.” Click “OK” then click on “Yes”.

Click on “Delete”.

Download and reinstall the printer software. These instructions were written for a Hewlett Packard 7155 printer with Microsoft Windows 10. The Macintosh instructions are for newer Macintosh operating systems in the High Sierra, Mojave, etc. realm.

The instructions for the hardware troubleshooting for printer offline error can certainly be used for other printer manufacturer’s. For example Brother, Lexmark, Dell, etc.

Canon Printer Error C000 – Troubleshooting

Another computer problem in the world order. This one deals with a printer problem. The initial original question is quoted verbatim below.

I have an MX922 printer problem. Printer shows Service Code C000. I have turned printer off, unplugged it, plugged it in and turned it on and still get the same error. I have done this several times with the same result.

What fixed this Canon printer error C000 was actually reinstalling the printer cartridges. This individual took out the existing printer cartridges and then reinserted into the cartridge holder. Ink cartridges are also known as ink tanks.

After this procedure this individual was able to clear that dreaded Canon printer error c000. I will give you some additional tips that may clear this C000 error. You can make certain that any printer packing material(s) have been removed from your printer.

For safe transportation of your printer during shipping, printer manufacturers often times including packing material to protect your printer. You need to remove this material or else you could receive the dreaded Canon printer error C000. Also, clear any jammed paper and or obstruction paper feed path.

Basically, anywhere paper moves inside your printer, you need to check for jammed paper. Anything that obstructs the movement of paper could also cause this C000 error. The following is a list of paper jams and associated error codes.

  • 1300 Paper jammed at output slot
  • 1304 Paper jammed when automatic duplex printing
  • 1311 Paper loaded in upper cassette is jammed
  • 1312 Paper loaded in lower cassette is jammed
  • 1313 Paper jammed by machine when pulling in printed paper
  • 2801 Document is jammed in Auto Document Feeder

As you can see, there are quite a few places that paper can become jammed inside of a printer. Automatic duplex printing means double sided or both sides of paper printing. The output slot is where you grab your paper when printing finished.

The automatic document feeder is used when copying, faxing, scanning, etc. This is where you place sheets that are automatically pulled into the printer, instead of placing them on the glass. Some printers have more than one cassette where you load paper.

Paper fed into the printer from these cassettes or trays can become jammed. Also, make sure to look for obstructions in these areas. Finally, small jammed or turn pieces of paper can cause this dreadful Canon printer error C000.

If none of the above tips and instructions clears that error, then you can try the following. Power off your printer. Disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.

Press and hold the power button on your printer for 30-60 seconds. Leave that printer disconnected from power for 5 minutes. Reconnect the power cable.

Power on your printer and see if it will now print. Canon recommends getting your printer serviced if none of these tips solve your printer problem. However, I will include one last tip.

If your printer continues to jam paper, then make sure to check the printer rollers. There are rollers inside your printer that actually grip onto the paper itself. These rollers get dirty over time just by dust alone. Clean any and all of these rollers with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.

This type of alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol. You should be able to purchase this fast drying liquid at stores similar to Walgreens. Also, you could include the cleaning of the printer rollers as routine maintenance.

Jammed paper could be the result of printer rollers that just need a good cleaning. The links I provided in this blog post are official web pages from Canon, that provide further more detailed instructions with photos and at least one video. Believe it or not, printer paper can get stuck and jammed behind paper trays, causing the C000 error to appear.

You would just pull out any paper tray(s) and remove any paper found. You want to remove even small pieces of paper from your printer. Printer paper can get torn inside your printer, which could cause this C000 error to appear.

This individual was able to fix their Canon printer error C000 quite easily, by just reinstalling the printer cartridges also known as ink tanks. However, often times printer errors are not this easily fixed. These instructions and tips were written for a Canon Pixma MX922 with the Canon printer error C000 code.

However, you could use these same instructions and tips to possibly clear this same error message from other Canon printers.

Avast Antivirus Stopped Working – Troubleshooting Tips

Another computer problem in the world order. This time an individual needed help with their anti-virus software on their computer. The original question is quoted verbatim below.

I am visiting Lexington KY from Australia. I have been having trouble opening my avast anti virus for several days since I stayed in Washington DC. The current license expires in May. In desperation I have just purchased a new subscription for 2 years, and I have downloaded it to my computer, but I can’t complete the installation. I have been through the process as far as the screen that shows the installation in progress, but after that I don’t get a screen saying installation complete. Can you help?

This individual claimed that while visiting Washington District of Corruption, they they downloaded a newer version of Avast anti-virus. However, they were not 100 percent positive.

They then ran a complete anti virus scan. You do NOT necessarily need to download and install the latest version of your anti virus software. However, it is indeed a productive decision.

Also, when dealing with computer software, it is a productive idea to allow as much attention to details as possible. Try becoming more aware of what software you have installed and whether or not you upgraded it. This individual claimed that after performing that virus scan nothing worked with their Avast software.

This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Another quagmire this individual was facing, dealt with the fact they were using an old email address that they had not accessed in quite a few years for their Avast account. You can always learn from other peoples fuck ups.

Always try to use current accessible email addresses with your Internet accounts for access. Always update your email addresses that are attached to any important accounts. This individual wasted time and money, because they were using an old antiquated email address for their Avast paid account.

Finally, this individual admitted that they may have contracted a virus when they connected to an Internet cafe in the Washington District of Corruption. You should always proceed with caution when connecting to Internet cafes and any public network. I will provide more details on the difference between public and private network connections later on in this blog post.

I would remove all instances of Avast antivirus in “Apps & Features”. Then I would reinstall Avast. You will need to make sure you have a working license key.

Also, you could perform a system restore. Restore your computer back before this problem occurred. Antivirus software by no means is a perfect niche.

Avast anti virus certainly is NOT perfect. Avast and AVG anti virus software are actually controlled and owned by the very same corporation. There is no competition in America.

Anyways, whenever your anti virus software stops functioning, then you should try to either fix that software or just remove and reinstall. However, Microsoft Windows 10 registry can become problematic. The Microsoft Windows registry can become filled with junk entries.

My tip is to perform a registry scan with Ccleaner right after you remove your anti virus software. You can try to just remove and reinstall your anti virus software. However, it could be a Microsoft Windows registry problem that is causing your anti virus software, to no longer work properly.

If you do not want to fucking waste time trying to troubleshoot your failing anti virus software, you can always perform a system restore. Click the Windows 10 start menu icon in lower left corner. Select Search and type in System Restore.

Click on Create a restore point. A System properties window will open up. You should be in the System protection tab of that window.

Click on System Restore. Another System Restore window will open up. Click on Next. In the next window you will be able to select your restore point.

Also, you can place a check box in the Show more restore points. What you want to choose here is a date and time before you were having your current problem. Choose a restore point back to before you were having your current computer problem(s).

Now you click Next. In order to begin system restore, you select Finish. Your computer will have to reboot in order to restore it back to the restore point that you picked.

Whenever connecting to public networks like Internet cafes, you should proceed with caution. Microsoft Windows 10 will ask you if you want to connect to a public or private network, when you first connect to a different network interface. You need to understand the difference between a public network or private network.

A public computer network basically is one that is wide open and available to anyone. A private network is one that you would use at home or office. Private networks are supposed to become more secure.

Public networks can place your computer at risk. Anyone connected to that same network, could possibly see your computer name, shared data, etc. Somebody could circumvent your computer security just by seeing your computer name.

All they would have to do is ping your computer name and then obtain your Internet Protocol address. With this information they could break into your computer. Also, you must become aware of any data shared on your computer.

On a public network any of these data shares can and will be accessible to everyone on that network. When in doubt you probably want to always connect “Private” when using public Internet. It does not matter if it is at a library, Internet cafe, coffee shop, etc.

If you want your computer to remain more secure, then choose “Private”. If you decide to connect via “Public” network, especially on a Microsoft Windows computer, you had better have your computer locked down. Make certain at the very least the Microsoft Windows firewall is turned on.

Do NOT enable file and printer sharing. Also, make certain your computer requires a password to logon. I would not recommend that you ever choose “Public” network when using public Internet connections. However, it is your choice and you have been warned.

This individuals problem with their Avast anti virus, may have been the result of them connecting to an Internet cafe. These instructions and tips were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, However, you could use these tips and instructions as a basis point for other Microsoft operating systems.

Asus ATK Driver – Missing Solution

Another computer problem on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This problem deals with a Microsoft Windows driver being deleted. Here is the initial original question quoted verbatim.

I have an older ASUS laptop with Windows 7, I accidentally removed the ATK driver a few months ago. How can i get it back?

This individual was using a K53U Asus laptop computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed. This individual claimed that installing Microsoft Windows 7 updates, was not the culprit. You can download and install Snappy driver installer.

That software should detect any missing drivers. Snappy driver installer, is free software that will detect missing driver(s) as well as any driver updates. I would proceed with caution when working with Microsoft Windows drivers. One mistake can cause your Microsoft Windows computer to not boot properly.

Snappy driver install does NOT have the most user friendly interface in my opinion. Also, Snappy driver installer is a stand alone application. Meaning that there is no setup.exe or install.exe to run.

There is no software installer that you need to open. Snappy driver installer comes in a .zip file format. You will need to unzip this software.

Microsoft Windows operating systems have a built in file decompress tool. You just right click the Snappy driver installer download and select “Extract Here”. This will extract the folder contents to the same folder that the compressed file is located in.

Double click SDI_64_R1811 to open it. You will see a list of missing drivers or available driver updates. Select the ATK driver by placing a check into the empty box with your mouse and then click on the green “Install” button.

Depending on the size of the download, it will take some time to download and install. You may be required to restart your computer. Snappy driver installer has an expert mode, which I do NOT think is necessary for most end users that need to just install one driver.

I personally never fuck with Microsoft Windows hardware operating system drivers. All it takes is one faulty driver and your computer may not boot correctly. Also, Snappy driver installer has a “Create Restore Point” feature.

What this does is create a Microsoft Windows restore point at the exact time that you select that option. This allows you to use Microsoft Windows system restore, in case that driver has problems. This is a safety feature that could save your ass and keep you from having to get out of a major quagmire.

Snappy driver installer is only one of two driver installer tools that I have used over the past 10 years. The other one is called Driver Pack solution. That program is similar in nature.

As a computer technician these tools can really save time without having to download each individual hardware driver from the Internet. Also, sometimes you may run across a computer that is old, and you may not find the missing driver(s) on the original equipment manufacturer’s website. This is where a tool like Snappy driver installer or Driver pack solution can come in handy.

However, any time you install or update drivers, you might want to proceed with caution. I never wasted time updating drivers in the decades that I have used computers. This to me is a huge waste of time and could possibly result in a non booting operating system.

The only time I messed with drivers is when they were missing or they might be possibly buggy, causing blue screens, causing another problem, etc. If you have experience dealing with hardware drivers, then Snappy driver installer and Driver Pack solution can speed up the hardware driver installation process when reinstalling the computer operating system. These instructions were written for an Asus K53U computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

However, you can use these instructions and tips for other computer brands, models, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Locked Computer Screen – by Microsoft Security Troubleshooting

Another Microsoft computer problem, imagine that. I received a question pertaining to a computer being locked, on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original question quoted verbatim.

My HP laptop has been locked by Windows Security. They locked my computer and viruses are being sent over my computer. I am communicating with you on a second computer.

This individual was using a Hewlett Packard computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. They were communicating with me on a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. They were able to fix this issue by powering and back on their computer.

Press the power button on the Windows 10 computer until it powers off. Make sure to keep the power button pressed, until it powers off. You will be performing a cold boot.

Once the computer completely powers off, then try to power it back on. See if you can log in if boots to the login screen. This individual claimed that they received a verbal message stating that their computer was locked by Microsoft security team.

Microsoft does not hire employees to lock your computer. Microsoft also does not call people out of the blue. There are a great many Microsoft support scams.

This to me is another one of those scams. The perpetrators will use your emotions against you and get you to call a phone number or visit a website. Then they will lure you into giving them plenty of money.

There is another form of malware called scare ware. This is exactly what I am speaking of. They will scare you into making a decision to purchase support at a possible ridiculous price point.

Just because cold booting your computer fixed this issue, does NOT necessarily mean that you are clear and free. You may have been infected by malware, spyware, and viruses. You will want to perform full malware, spyware, and virus scans on your computer.

Since this computer had Microsoft Windows 10 installed, you could use the built in already installed Microsoft Windows defender. Windows defender will scan for both malware and viruses. Microsoft Windows defender may not be the best malware and virus scanner.

However, it still may detect infections. Windows 10 has a free malware and virus tool already installed called Windows Defender. Run a scan with it.

Click the Windows 10 start menu icon in lower left corner. Select “Search” and type in “Windows Defender”. Select “Windows Defender Security Center”.

I also use Emsisoft Emergency Kit, to scan for malware and spyware. SuperAntiSpyware is another tool I use to scan for malware and spyware.

You do NOT necessarily have to use the above malware, spyware, and virus tools. Microsoft Windows defender is convenient and not that difficult to use. Plus now Microsoft Windows defender is designed to scan for malware and spyware infections, as well as for virus infections.

The point is to run some malware, spyware, and virus scans. I would NOT fell pressured to call any phone number or visit any website offered in these potential scare ware scams. Not only will you be paying potentially a lot of money for these services, but you may be allowing somebody nefarious access to your computer.

Once they gain access to your computer, they then gain access to all your data. They could install malware, spyware, and even viruses now. Also, they could literally install a keystroke logger that will log all of your mouse clicks and keyboard activity.

Believe it or not, they could be watching you use your computer, all after they hung up the phone or disconnected the remote support connection. Another tip is to always back up your computer data, because you just never know when you will end up in a computing quagmire. You need to become cautious of what websites you visit.

Also, you need to think of a plan of action, if you do indeed run across a locked computer screen caused by malware. You do not necessarily want to become emotional about your predicament and make further mistakes. You could also perform a system restore.

You could restore your computer back to before you had this problem. This could potentially remove any nefarious malware, spyware, or virus from your Windows 10 computer.

Connect HP Wireless Printer to MAC – Instructions

Another computer question to answer on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with printing wireless from a Macintosh computer. Here is the original initial request quoted verbatim.

I’m not at home but I have my MacBook air and HP Officejet 4650 with me. I can’t remember how to wireless connect the two.

This individual was using a Macintosh with Macintosh operating system 10.12 Sierra installed. You need to connect your printer to a wireless router. You cannot connect your Macintosh computer directly to your printer without a wireless router.

You have to know the Service Set Identifier and accompanying password. Then you would physically go to your printer and connect the printer to the wireless router using the correct Service Set Identifier and accompanying password. If you do not know your Service Set Identifier and password, you can log into your wireless router to obtain and or set these two items.

Many new wireless routers have default Service Set Identifier’s and passwords already configured for you. You could just use those or set your own. Once you have this information you would need to enter this information into your printer.

Most new printers have Liquid Crystal Displays so that you can navigate your printers networking configuration. Another item you need to accomplish is to make certain that your Macintosh, wireless printer, and wireless router are all on the same sub network. For example if your printer’s Internet Protocol address is, then you would want your Macintosh to have an Internet Protocol address of

Your Macintosh must be on the same sub network as your wireless printer so that they can communicate with each other. Also, you can give your printer a static Internet Protocol address or use a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol address. A static address never changes hence the term “static”.

Once your printer successfully obtains an Internet Protocol address, then you should be able to print. However, this individual owned a Hewlett Packard OfficeJet 4650 printer and must install some software. If you own this same exact printer and are using Macintosh Sierra 10.12 operating system, then you can download and install the printer software.

Please do NOT connect the printer to your Macintosh computer until the installation program instructs you to. Hewlett Packard printer installs can be quite lengthy, so you might want to become patient. As long as you connected your printer to your wireless router successfully, then the installation program should detect your printer on your local network.

The Hewlett Packard printer installation will then begin installing the printer driver and possibly additional printer software. Hopefully, now you should be able to print and scan. These instructions were written for a Macbook Air with Macintosh Sierra 10.12 operating system printing to a Hewlett Packard 4650 printer.

However, you can certainly use these instructions as a basis point for other Macintosh operating systems, other printer brand and models, and even different operating systems like Microsoft Windows operating system and Linux operating systems. When it comes to wireless printing the first most important task to get your wireless printer connected to your wireless router, which is what this blog post was mostly about.