Avast Antivirus Stopped Working – Troubleshooting Tips

Another computer problem in the world order. This time an individual needed help with their anti-virus software on their computer. The original question is quoted verbatim below.

I am visiting Lexington KY from Australia. I have been having trouble opening my avast anti virus for several days since I stayed in Washington DC. The current license expires in May. In desperation I have just purchased a new subscription for 2 years, and I have downloaded it to my computer, but I can’t complete the installation. I have been through the process as far as the screen that shows the installation in progress, but after that I don’t get a screen saying installation complete. Can you help?

This individual claimed that while visiting Washington District of Corruption, they they downloaded a newer version of Avast anti-virus. However, they were not 100 percent positive.

They then ran a complete anti virus scan. You do NOT necessarily need to download and install the latest version of your anti virus software. However, it is indeed a productive decision.

Also, when dealing with computer software, it is a productive idea to allow as much attention to details as possible. Try becoming more aware of what software you have installed and whether or not you upgraded it. This individual claimed that after performing that virus scan nothing worked with their Avast software.

This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. Another quagmire this individual was facing, dealt with the fact they were using an old email address that they had not accessed in quite a few years for their Avast account. You can always learn from other peoples fuck ups.

Always try to use current accessible email addresses with your Internet accounts for access. Always update your email addresses that are attached to any important accounts. This individual wasted time and money, because they were using an old antiquated email address for their Avast paid account.

Finally, this individual admitted that they may have contracted a virus when they connected to an Internet cafe in the Washington District of Corruption. You should always proceed with caution when connecting to Internet cafes and any public network. I will provide more details on the difference between public and private network connections later on in this blog post.

I would remove all instances of Avast antivirus in “Apps & Features”. Then I would reinstall Avast. You will need to make sure you have a working license key.

Also, you could perform a system restore. Restore your computer back before this problem occurred. Antivirus software by no means is a perfect niche.

Avast anti virus certainly is NOT perfect. Avast and AVG anti virus software are actually controlled and owned by the very same corporation. There is no competition in America.

Anyways, whenever your anti virus software stops functioning, then you should try to either fix that software or just remove and reinstall. However, Microsoft Windows 10 registry can become problematic. The Microsoft Windows registry can become filled with junk entries.

My tip is to perform a registry scan with Ccleaner right after you remove your anti virus software. You can try to just remove and reinstall your anti virus software. However, it could be a Microsoft Windows registry problem that is causing your anti virus software, to no longer work properly.

If you do not want to fucking waste time trying to troubleshoot your failing anti virus software, you can always perform a system restore. Click the Windows 10 start menu icon in lower left corner. Select Search and type in System Restore.

Click on Create a restore point. A System properties window will open up. You should be in the System protection tab of that window.

Click on System Restore. Another System Restore window will open up. Click on Next. In the next window you will be able to select your restore point.

Also, you can place a check box in the Show more restore points. What you want to choose here is a date and time before you were having your current problem. Choose a restore point back to before you were having your current computer problem(s).

Now you click Next. In order to begin system restore, you select Finish. Your computer will have to reboot in order to restore it back to the restore point that you picked.

Whenever connecting to public networks like Internet cafes, you should proceed with caution. Microsoft Windows 10 will ask you if you want to connect to a public or private network, when you first connect to a different network interface. You need to understand the difference between a public network or private network.

A public computer network basically is one that is wide open and available to anyone. A private network is one that you would use at home or office. Private networks are supposed to become more secure.

Public networks can place your computer at risk. Anyone connected to that same network, could possibly see your computer name, shared data, etc. Somebody could circumvent your computer security just by seeing your computer name.

All they would have to do is ping your computer name and then obtain your Internet Protocol address. With this information they could break into your computer. Also, you must become aware of any data shared on your computer.

On a public network any of these data shares can and will be accessible to everyone on that network. When in doubt you probably want to always connect “Private” when using public Internet. It does not matter if it is at a library, Internet cafe, coffee shop, etc.

If you want your computer to remain more secure, then choose “Private”. If you decide to connect via “Public” network, especially on a Microsoft Windows computer, you had better have your computer locked down. Make certain at the very least the Microsoft Windows firewall is turned on.

Do NOT enable file and printer sharing. Also, make certain your computer requires a password to logon. I would not recommend that you ever choose “Public” network when using public Internet connections. However, it is your choice and you have been warned.

This individuals problem with their Avast anti virus, may have been the result of them connecting to an Internet cafe. These instructions and tips were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, However, you could use these tips and instructions as a basis point for other Microsoft operating systems.