Asus ATK Driver – Missing Solution

Another computer problem on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This problem deals with a Microsoft Windows driver being deleted. Here is the initial original question quoted verbatim.

I have an older ASUS laptop with Windows 7, I accidentally removed the ATK driver a few months ago. How can i get it back?

This individual was using a K53U Asus laptop computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed. This individual claimed that installing Microsoft Windows 7 updates, was not the culprit. You can download and install Snappy driver installer.

That software should detect any missing drivers. Snappy driver installer, is free software that will detect missing driver(s) as well as any driver updates. I would proceed with caution when working with Microsoft Windows drivers. One mistake can cause your Microsoft Windows computer to not boot properly.

Snappy driver install does NOT have the most user friendly interface in my opinion. Also, Snappy driver installer is a stand alone application. Meaning that there is no setup.exe or install.exe to run.

There is no software installer that you need to open. Snappy driver installer comes in a .zip file format. You will need to unzip this software.

Microsoft Windows operating systems have a built in file decompress tool. You just right click the Snappy driver installer download and select “Extract Here”. This will extract the folder contents to the same folder that the compressed file is located in.

Double click SDI_64_R1811 to open it. You will see a list of missing drivers or available driver updates. Select the ATK driver by placing a check into the empty box with your mouse and then click on the green “Install” button.

Depending on the size of the download, it will take some time to download and install. You may be required to restart your computer. Snappy driver installer has an expert mode, which I do NOT think is necessary for most end users that need to just install one driver.

I personally never fuck with Microsoft Windows hardware operating system drivers. All it takes is one faulty driver and your computer may not boot correctly. Also, Snappy driver installer has a “Create Restore Point” feature.

What this does is create a Microsoft Windows restore point at the exact time that you select that option. This allows you to use Microsoft Windows system restore, in case that driver has problems. This is a safety feature that could save your ass and keep you from having to get out of a major quagmire.

Snappy driver installer is only one of two driver installer tools that I have used over the past 10 years. The other one is called Driver Pack solution. That program is similar in nature.

As a computer technician these tools can really save time without having to download each individual hardware driver from the Internet. Also, sometimes you may run across a computer that is old, and you may not find the missing driver(s) on the original equipment manufacturer’s website. This is where a tool like Snappy driver installer or Driver pack solution can come in handy.

However, any time you install or update drivers, you might want to proceed with caution. I never wasted time updating drivers in the decades that I have used computers. This to me is a huge waste of time and could possibly result in a non booting operating system.

The only time I messed with drivers is when they were missing or they might be possibly buggy, causing blue screens, causing another problem, etc. If you have experience dealing with hardware drivers, then Snappy driver installer and Driver Pack solution can speed up the hardware driver installation process when reinstalling the computer operating system. These instructions were written for an Asus K53U computer with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

However, you can use these instructions and tips for other computer brands, models, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.