Install External Hard Drive Windows 10

I received another computer question on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This one deals with using an external hard drive on a personal computer. Here is the original question quoted verbatim.

I have a 1TB WD Passport Ultra, Metal Edition that I purchased in April 2017 to provide a backup of my PC hard drive. S/N xxxxxxxxxxxx. There is a sticker on the back with my name on it and the number xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx.

This individual owned two Dell computers. A Dell Inspiron 620 and Dell Inspiron 3670. The Dell Inspiron 3670 was brand new. This individual wanted to use their one terabyte Western Digital Passport Ultra metal edition on their new computer.

All you have to do is connect your external hard drive to your Microsoft windows 10 computer and then format it. Open “File Explorer”. Right click the external drive and choose “Format”.

When purchasing external hard drives, you should first make certain that the one you want to purchase is compatible with your operating system. Some external hard drives are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. Some external hard drives are only compatible with one operating system, Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh operating system.

You can perform a quick Internet search and find out what operating systems the brand and model of external hard drive is compatible with. If you are shopping at a retail store, look on the outside packaging to see what operating systems this external hard drive is compatible with. This can save you time and possibly money.

Your external hard drive may already be pre formatted. All you would need to do is hook up your external hard drive to your Windows 10 computer and then access it like any other hard drive. However, some external hard drives require that software installed on the drive detects your operating system.

Some external hard drives you have to format the device yourself before you can use them. This is where planning ahead and knowing what you need to do to get your external hard drive functioning could save you time and money. When you do format an external hard drive, just make certain you are formatting the correct device.

You certainly do not want to format the hard drive that has your operating system installed on. Once you do format your external hard drive or are able to access it, then you can read and write to this drive like any other removable media. You can use it to back up your important data.

You could even have automatic backups configured. When in doubt, try educate yourself first about the actual external hard drive that you are wanting to purchase. Purchasing an external hard drive to back up your data is a step in the right direction.

I lecture quite often about how important it is to back up your important data. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and a Western Digital Passport Ultra external hard drive. However, you could certainly use these instructions as a basis point for other brand and model external hard drives on Microsoft Windows operating systems.