Amazon Seller Support Phone Number – How to Contact Amazon

Are you needing to contact Amazon seller support phone number? If you need immediate assistance with Amazon seller support you can dial toll free 1-866-216-1072. Then you want to dial the number 0 for you to contact an operator.

Now you will want to ask for the correct Amazon support department. For example seller account or individual account support. You may have to wait on hold, until an Amazon customer service representative answers your telephone call.

Also, you can submit an Amazon support request form online. You will want to choose the correct category and subcategory of your problem, if necessary. You may be prompted to log into your Amazon account.

Amazon support can be quite difficult to contact, as some of their telephone numbers are not necessarily posted out in the open so to speak on their website. However, if you perform enough Internet searches, you may stumble upon more detailed contact information. Also, what I noticed with Amazon, is that many of their support web pages with more detailed information, are only accessible with an Amazon account.

Another issue with Amazon support in general, is that some areas of their website may not be linked to from their main Amazon website or even a subdomain like What I mean is that certain areas of their support website(s) are hidden in plain site. You may not be required to log into your Amazon account to access a certain area.

However, it is not really linked to or advertised so to speak from main Amazon website(s). For example if you could not get a hold of a live Amazon seller customer service support agent, you could submit your problem in their Amazon seller forums. You will need to log in with your Amazon account in order to submit a new post however.

I have actually sold some items on Amazon before. Believe it or not I have sold books on Amazon as a computer technician. Also, I have sold some desktop computers on Amazon.

Amazon is actually quite easy to sell on. Most items already have a template listing. You can add additional informaiton and even photographs to your listing.

I had to call into Amazon seller support one time. Some clown on Amazon was demanding that I refund their money and allow them to keep an item. This was early on when I first started selling items on Amazon.

I called into their seller central customer service via the telephone number I gave you earlier in this article, to receive further information. It turned out that I did not need to allow the customer to keep the item, as well as refund their entire payment. Chances are it was some scam artist, that was trying to receive an item for free.

Anyways, I had to perform some Internet searches in order to find the Amazon seller support phone number to begin with. This was perplexing to me as I thought it should be readily available on one of their main web pages. When I did call into Amazon seller support, I did have to wait on hold.

However, their customer service agent was very helpful. I have not sold any items on Amazon in a few years now. I will give you one tip that I learned when selling items on Amazon.

Depending on the category, you can receive more money for your item(s) on Amazon compared to eBay or even Craigslist. I was able to sell used computers on Amazon and received quite a bit more money than I had when I sold used computers on Craigslist and eBay. The same exact model of computer or quite close to is more valuable on Amazon.

It may depend on the category, subcategory, niche, etc. but quite often I received more compensation for items on Amazon compared to Craigslist and eBay. Amazon also does not require that you have feedback. eBay can be a pain in the ass to sell on as a beginner because buyers seem to think you need feedback to become a legitimate seller.

Amazon buyers don’t care if you have feedback or not. Amazon buyers can leave feedback, but many did not, when I sold items. Hopefully, you are able to contact Amazon seller support phone number.