VLC Open Source – Media Player 3 Released

VLC open source media player version 3 has been released on February ten two thousand eighteen. This latest version of VLC open source media player is a major release called Vetinari with quite a few new features. VideoLAN VLC media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.

* 4k and 8k video supported
* 10 bits and high dynamic range
* 360 video and 3definition audo
* chromecast streaming
* blu-ray java menus playable
* browse local network and network attached storage

I was not able to use VLC’s “check for updates” feature nor did the automatic updates detect version 3. You can download VLC media player version 3 and install this software update manually. VLC media player is free and open source.

This software is available in both x86 32 bit and x64 64 bit versions. The current version of VLC open source media player is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, vista, 7, 8, and 10. There are basically three different ways to update VLC open source media player.

You can enable updates notifier. VLC open source media player will check for updates and notify you when one is available. A second way to update VLC media player is to download the most recent version from a static link at videolan.org.

Finally, you can update VLC by clicking on “Help” from top menu and then choosing “Check for Updates…”. If an update is available you will be prompted to download and install it. You will need to restart VLC media player for this update to complete.