My Western Digital – 20 Terabyte My Book RAID Device

Western Digital Corporation has released it’s largest desktop storage system to date. You can purchase a twenty terabyte My Book Duo Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This storage system can be used as a home storage device or for small business purposes.

These devices come with Western Digital red RAID hard drives. Western Digital claims these drives can sequentually read up to three hundred sixty megabytes per second. This system includes RAID optimized firmware as well.

This is a two disk storage array with automatic management. This storage system actually has Universial Serial Bus Type C connection and includes cables. You can hook up older USB devices like mice and keyboard(s) with two type A connections.

This RAID storage system comes in different sizes besides twenty terabyte.

* 20 Terabyte
* 16 Terabyte
* 12 Terabyte
* 8 Terabyte
* 6 Terabyte
* 4 Terabyte

You can password protect your data. These systems come with built in two hundred fifty six bit Advanced Encryption Standard. These RAID devices are secured with WD Security software.

You can purchase these storage systems via and retailers. They come with a limited three year warranty. Prices are:

* $799.99 20 Terabyte
* $599.99 16 Terabyte
* $419.99 12 Terabyte
* $329.99 8 Terabyte
* $289.99 6 Terabyte
* $259.99 4 Terabyte

These devices come with a thirty day money back guarantee and free standard shipping at time of this blog post creation. You can use these RAID systems in basically three modes. A default RAID 0 with just one functioning drive, RAID 1 with two drives and redundancy, or two seperate functioning drives.

These storage systems are New Technology File System formatted and support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 out of the box. You would have to reformat these drive(s) for other operating systems. You can backup your data with included Western Digital Backup software.

You will need to make some configuration changes for true RAID data redundancy, as out of the box these devices are configured for just one drive.