Microsoft Discontinues OneDrive Unlimited Storage Plan

Microsoft Corporation announced on November second two thousand fifteen that they will be discontinuing their unlimited storage space OneDrive plan. This is to take effect in early two thousand sixteen. Microsoft claims that some users were storing up to seventy five terabytes of data.

This change affects all Office 365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers. If this was in fact true, I have no idea why Microslop I mean Microsoft did not just cap data on those accounts that were egregious to their possible false advertising. Also, why advertise a service that is “unlimited” if you are then going to complain about a few users using more space than average.

Those previous “unlimited” plans now receive one terabyte of storage space. Also, Microsoft is going to discontinue their one hundred gigabyte and two hundred gigabyte data storage accounts. This company is going to replace both those services with a $1.99 per month fifty gigabyte storage plan.

Microsoft is going to limit their free OneDrive storage accounts from a current fifteen gigabyte of storage space to five gigabytes of storage space. Finally, this technology giant will discontinue their fifteen gigabyte camera storage plan as of early two thousand sixteen. Shockingly at least to me, Microsoft will offer prorated refunds if you decide that one terabyte of OneDrive space is not sufficient.

Also, if currently you are using more than one terabyte of cloud space, you will receive a notification message that stipulates you will have at least one year to move or remove that data. If you have more than five gigabytes of data with a free OneDrive account, you will be given at least a twelve month grace period to move or remove your data. If you need this storage space desperately enough, Microsoft is offering a free one year Office 365 personal subscription, redeemable via a credit card.