File Archiver – Looking For a File Compression Tool For Windows?

Compressing your files and folders might be beneficial if your looking to save disk space, email an important attachment, and to archive a group of files. While Windows operating systems have included a built in file compression tool since at least XP, there are some limitations. For one thing, Windows zip tool only works with NTFS volumes and the .zip file type.

There are numerous other Windows file compression types. ZIP, GZ, RAR, and CAB are just a few of them. Unfortunately, if you try to compress or uncompress a file type other then ZIP with Windows built in zip utility, you are out of luck. While, ZIP is a most common file compression extension type, there maybe times when you receive or need to create other file types.

Also, a file size limit for an individual ZIP file is four gigabytes. Seven zip, Bandizip, and Bitser are freely available file compression utilities for Windows operating systems. If your looking for an industry standard file compression program that will compress and uncompress most file types then you might want to get Seven Zip file archiver.

7 Zip works on following Microsoft Windows operating systems:

* Windows 10
* Windows 8
* Windows 7
* Windows Vista
* Windows XP
* Windows Server 2012
* Windows Server 2008
* Windows Server 2003
* Windows Server 2000
* Windows Server NT

Virus Removal – Do You Have a Computer That is Running Strange?

Is your computer running slow or acting strange? You might have adware, malware, spyware, and or viruses on your computer. Virus removal can become a tedious process, if your computer is already infected.

Adware, malware, and spyware can still adversely affect your computer’s performance even if you have up to date anti-virus software running. Fortunately, there are free effective tools available on the Internet such as Adaware, Combofix, MalwareBytes, SuperAntispyware etc. There is still a possibility your computer is virus infected.

A few free virus scanners such as AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, etc. are available. However, if your computer has become highly infected, you may need to have your computer cleaned by a computer professional. If your computer is running strange or slow, then you may want to have it serviced.

Shopping Cart For WordPress – Looking For a Free WordPress Cart?

Are you looking for a free shopping cart for WordPress? I have tried eShop, WP eCommerce, etc. which all had problems or were not user friendly. Recently, I searched again for a free shopping cart for Worpress.

This time I found JigoShop. Jigoshop was easy to install, user friendly, and had just the features I was looking for. You can sell downloads, real tangible products, and virtual products.

I use PayPal as my online merchant of choice. This was easy to configure in Jigoshop. This shopping cart uses plugins, widgets, and shortcodes.

I have a shopping cart widget enabled on one of my WordPress sites. Also, I use shortcodes on pages to list featured products. Jigoshop includes a related items feature bulit in.

This shopping cart takes care of inventory for you. You can set a specific inventory amount. If you don’t want to change inventory amount but want to list a product as “out of stock”, then you just have to uncheck that option for a product.

There is even a setting to turn on or off back orders. Do you still want to display Google ads on your product pages? Well Google ads still show up on each products page with currently installed theme.

This by far was easiest and most functional free shopping cart for WordPress I have found so far. A free shopping cart like this might be what your looking for to sell basic downloadable, virtual, and tangible products. If your looking for a free WordPress shopping cart that works out of the box, so to speak, you might want to try JigoShop.